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Message of Chairman




Roger Ngan
Chairman of Hong Kong Blind Sports Federation




I feel most honoured to serve as Chairman of the Hong Kong Blind Sports Federation (HKBSF). During the past years, the Federation has laid a good foundation, under the able leadership of the Founding Chairman, Mr. Peter Sun. Membership of the Federation has grown to more than 600 persons; our visually impaired athletes have participated in more than 200 local and international tournaments / activities during the period. Sports training programmes for the visually impaired have been developed, including bowling, darts, golf, karate, marathon, physical fitness training, swimming, tandem cycling and yoga.


Currently, about 200 members are participating in our sports training programmes and many others participate in our mass sports activities. We are happy to witness the positive change in our members who, through sports rehabilitation, have regained their self-confidence and be able to integrate into the community. Some athletes have found employment and become contributing members of society. At the same time, many have made remarkable achievements in sports tournaments, especially in marathon, golf, karate, swimming and bowling. Their abilities in sports are widely acknowledged and recognized in the community.


As Chairman of the Federation, I will certainly make my best efforts to develop more new sports/activities so that more visually impaired members can benefit thus achieving our aim of “ Inclusion, Equal Opportunities and Sports for All”. We shall also strengthen ties and exchange with the International Blind Sports Federation and the Hong Kong Paralympic Committee so that our visually impaired athletes will have more opportunities to take part in regional and international sporting events.


Efforts will also be made in promoting blind sports in the community so as to raise public awareness and support on blind sports thus attracting more volunteers to assist in the sports training programmes and sustaining the long term development of blind sports in Hong Kong.



Ngan Chi Wing, Roger



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The Hong Kong Counil of Social Service
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