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About Us


To promote Equal Participation and Sports for All


1) To raise awareness of sports practice for people with visual impairment so as to achieve their best possible integration.

2) To promote and contribute to the development of sport opportunities for people with visual impairment.

3) To structure and regulate sports for people with visual impairment at international level.

4) To provide coach education and development.

5) To train elite athletes with visual impairment to take part in local and international competitions.

6) To work closely with related sports organizations and NGOs rendering social services for the visually impaired in the identification of their talents for elite sports training.

7) To co-operate with different sectors of the community, both local and overseas, in providing sports training programmes for people with visual impairment.






Supporting Organisations:
International Blind Golf Association
The Hong Kong Counil of Social Service
Social Capital Builder (SCB) Awards 2020
Web Accessibility Gold Awards 2020-21