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Chu Kin Wah (Triathlon)

Chu Kin Wah (Triathlon)
Chu Kin Wah (Triathlon)


Name:Chu Kin Wah


Age:20. (A form 6 student)

Sight:complete loss of sight in the right eye; 10% normal sight in the left eye.

Sport:Triathlon (swimming, running and cycling)


Living in love, and so he can

Power of love

—  Born in a single parent family. His parents was divorced.

—  Born with visual impairment, his mother did not give him up. She supported him and accompany during practicing and back to dormitory after practising.

—  His brother encourages him and acts as a social worker to help him solve problems. .

—  He might not be good at his studies, but his family encouraged him to strive for the better and never give up and give in.

—  He would like to thank his mother for her care and help. He used to make her angry in the old times, but she always forgives him and supports him. It is her support that has enabled him to participate in different sports events now.

—  He would like to thank his brother for offering different kinds of knowledge to him and stimulates him to grow into a good athlete.


—  He did not know his visual impairment until when he first attended primary school in the first or second grade. Luckily his teachers and social workers often talked to him and helped him

—  His friends accompanied him through his hardships and gave him advice.

—  He got to know different friends and partner through training.

—  He would like to thank his two coaches Ng Sir and Fung Sir, as well as swimming coach Cheung Sir for their professional training and support.


Someone who recognizes his talent

—  He was once a swimmer and the swimming coaches acknowledge him for his great talent in running. It was when he started cycling there too.

—  HKBSF established a cycling class. He is interested and started triathlon training.

—  He found out that he can do other sports other than swimming, and many other things in his life beyond sports.


Overcoming difficulties

—  He needs guides for all three sports and needs to keep up with the guides, even in swimming.

—  He needs to cooperate with his partner.

—  The swimming part of triathlon also needs cooperation with the partner. He usually uses freestyle in swimming.

—  All three sports require close cooperation with the guide, including cycling.



—  He practices swimming every day in a week, with running only one or two days. He needs to discuss with his partner to decide on the schedule to practice cycling. The cycling practice is located in Sha Tin.

—  The training schedule for every week needs to be discussed with the partner. He needs to repeat running practice five times a week. The swimming practice is located elsewhere. He needs to practice breathing and force.

—  When he encounters difficulties:

- He does not know how to cooperate with the partner and the tactics to communicate with him effectively. Many a partner is not active enough and the athlete needs to take the initiative.

- Both the athlete and the partner shall not remain silent when communication needs to take place.

—  He feels that his speed has been increasing after each tiring practice. However, tiredness is the mother of his achievements.

—  He is glad to know different students and partners. He needs to balance between he studies and sports practices. When he cannot finish his homework, he will inform his teacher and delay the submission. His teacher is kind to accept his late submission.


Goals of his

—  He has very clear goals.

—  He wishes to participate in the triathlon match in 2016 Paralympics in Brazil.

—  After the Paralympics, he wishes to take the exam for swimming coach certificate and become a coach.

—  His aim towards becoming a coach is for the benefit of society

--- Short term goals: join a recent swimming competition and participate in the Asian Games in Incheon, Korea.


Words for us

—  He wants to tell us that athletes with visual impairment cannot only participate in swimming and running. They can even participate in triathlon!  And they can do much more in life.

—  If you are visually impaired, please overcome the difficulties, rely on yourself, and dig out your potential.

—  He wants to tell the society that visually impaired people may do things in addition to massage and translation.  

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