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Li Chun Fai (Marathon)

Li Chun Fai (Marathon)
Li Chun Fai (Marathon)


Lee Chun Fai suffered from optic nerve atrophy five years ago. Now he is blind in the right eye with the left eye having 10% eyesight of a normal person. At the initial stage of this illness, he was confined to his home because of blurry eyesight, which made him increasingly introvert. After two years of being isolated from the outside world, he came to know HKBSF by mere chance. It was the beginning of spring, the season for dragon boat training. He made much progress with the guidance from the coach and volunteers. He participated in the 2011 Hong Kong International Dragon Boat Invitational and won the second place in the Adaptive Paddling category for HKBSF. He felt much encouraged and excited from this.  It proves that people with visual impairment can achieve good results as long as they are given the opportunity. 

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