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Mr Lui Sau Yan (Golf)

Mr Lui Sau Yan (Golf)
Mr Lui Sau Yan (Golf)


I suffer from retinitis pigmentosa and was deprived of my eyesight when I was young. I have to stay at home for most of the time and seldom enjoy sports due to total blindness. I was invited by my friends to learn golf three years ago when HKBSF was founded. It was in the year of 60 that I first held a golf club. Now I am capable of hitting the golf balls and making a long-distance straight line hit. I owe my coach and sighted guide much gratitude for their help. I will attend the Golf 18 Club 1st Hong Kong Blind Golf Charity Tournament organised by HKBSF in December 2011. I look forward to this event and hope that I can enjoy the competition and have the opportunity to join international events in future. 

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